Smart news four ways

Smart news four ways

Clever thinking by four companies.


Trash into treasure

Pentatonic are giving cigarette butts (and other rubbish items) a second chance by repurposing the materials into slick furniture via an adapted injection-moulding process, all in the name of leading the world into a circular economy. There is seemingly no limit to what can be made with rubbish and Pentatonic have managed to create items such as desks made from DVDs and bowls made from smartphone screens.

Musicality on the move

A new arrival in learning games, Big Ear Games sets out to empower your inner musician with their mobile music game. Players can build popular songs from scratch while solving musical puzzles and all while being able to collaborate with others online. CEO Aviv Ben-Yehuda says, “This could be described as being like musical Lego.”

What lies beneath

Blueye Robotics has developed the Pioneer underwater drone which can be controlled via smartphone or tablet. The drone allows users to explore ocean depths of down to 150 metres and can be used by enthusiasts and scientists alike to gain an understanding and appreciation of our underwater ecospheres.

Garden of ideas

The City of Espoo recently won the international Intelligent Community Awards for 2018 with the Espoo Innovation Garden in a contest themed humanising data. The objective has been to establish an interconnected and sustainable environment that encapsulates smart infrastructure (such as housing and energy). The whole area plays host to technology, business, science, arts, and culture.

Compiled by Mark Fletcher
Photos courtesy of the companies


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