Smart news to ponder this spring

Smart news to ponder this spring

Four discoveries for a clever life.


1. Where’s my slippers?

There’s no need to worry about forgetting where you left your slippers if they are fitted with Nissan’s semi-autonomous Pro-Pilot driving technology. The “self-driving slippers” serve as an excellent (and fun) example of how self-driving technology can be used in other applications. Simply discard them when necessary and they’ll find their own way back to slippers HQ.


2. Luggage beds for sleepy heads

Norwegian company, JetKids, have taken the popular ride-on luggage for kids to the next level with Bedbox®. Once the kids have wheeled themselves onto the plane, the Bedbox® can then be converted into a bed that fits onto the passenger seat, making those long-haul flights just a little easier for the small ones

3. Minimalist sauna

The Swedish concept of lagom (meaning sufficient or just enough) has been impressively realised by Italian firm Small Architecture ­Workshop. Their floating wooden sauna in Åmot, Sweden, is built upon an existing pier and has been designed to blend in with its surroundings, with minimal impact on the forest lakefront. The sauna has been finished with a traditional ­Japanese charring ­technique to preserve the wood and make it weather-resistant.

4. Going with the wind

Windcloud has launched what it says is the world’s first sustainable IT provider, situated in Braderup, Germany, with the adjoining wind farm providing all the necessary power. The servers are stored at the same site in re-purposed shipping containers. Windcloud founders aim to “lead the internet into a sustainable future.”


Compiled by Mark Fletcher


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