Top events around the world

Top events around the world

Fortune favours the brave in November, with new skills learned and challenges overcome.



Starting November 6

New York Students at the American Comedy Institute will have the chance to prove they are funny, honing their skills over five days or two weeks before delivering their set onstage before a live audience. Alumni have gone on to appear in Saturday Night Live, Girls, and Seinfeld.



Until November 18

Luleå Lighting a fire using only bark from trees, a knife, and flint is one of the survival skills taught in this Fall into Foraging course by Off the Map Travel. Learn how to identify reindeer and brown bear tracks, forage your own food, and cook it in a tent while keeping out the Arctic chill. The Northern Lights provide a spectacular backdrop.



November 25

Osaka The eighth Osaka Marathon, inviting participants to, “Make a rainbow” will see 32,000 runners from 44 countries attempt the 42-km course around the city with a further 2,000 entering the 8.8-km Challenge Run. Support will come from 1.3 million spectators, who will enjoy wind instrument performances.



November 26

Bristol Arachnophobes are invited to overcome their fear of spiders via Bristol Zoo Gardens’ half-day Living with Spiders courses. They intend to give control back to people during an optional encounter with spiders, preceded by relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy, and a talk discussing spiders.

Compiled by Simon Fry
Top photo Graeme Richardson


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